“…the perfect heating and cooling system would be based principally on human comfort factors.
Michael McDonough, Architect.

How Out in the Cold  provides you with a quality and trusted service for your commercial project:

  1. I request a set of up-to-date plans to assess and review along with your brief
  2. Once the review and assessment of the plans are completed, you will receive a quote 
  3. I contact you to arrange a day and time to meet on site if the site is existing
  4. Once you confirm the quote I order the resources
  5. I contact you to arrange a day and time for installation
  6. After installation, I talk you through the workings of your customed-designed air-conditioning system and then provide you with an invoice
  7. I respond promptly if you have queries upon installation completion

To find out how Out in the Cold can meet and exceed your project’s brief contact us with your enquiry.